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Col has been a singer/songwriter for close to thirty years. To know him is to realize that he is about as Australian as they come, and though he has performed in all types of entertainment establishments, some of them a little on the flash side, his heart still longs for the wide open spaces of the bush. He has a deeply embedded love of horses which earned him the title of Gippsland’s Endurance Champion and he still holds the record for the fastest run of the Turtons Creek Challenge (100kms in 5hrs & 3 mins).

Col credits much of his success to family support, and the fact that he has always listened to advice from his peers and friends within the industry. He is forever grateful for the incredible support of his followers, and quite honestly says that without that support he would be "plum out of work"!! I love that touch of honesty and humility. He loves his country and his music, and if you do not pick up on that tonight in his songs then you are simply not listening.

Please give him a very warm CMAV welcome.





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